Flex Line

The FLEX LINE fits all types of sterilization units (CSSD) while ensuring an optimal sealing quality, regardless of the sterilization process (steam, Tyvek®, OE, alu, Ultra®, …).


High standard performances & versatility

TS 46 / TS 46N

  • A versatile and compact range
  • Start sensor
  • A powerful engine for a user-friendly sealer
  • A large adjustable pouch-guide
TS 46T

    • A wide and intuitive colour touch screen
    • Several traceability options (USB / PRINTER)
    • 5 pre-set temperatures
    • Integrated digital maintenance notebook..

Heat Sealers FLEX LINE

A compact, robust and versatile sealer, the FLEX LINE offers several traceability options (USB / PRINTER), and a wide colour touch screen (TS 46T)

Technical characteristics

  • Standards : CE / CEM / EN 868-5 / DIN 58953-7.
  • Sealing: 15 mm width / flat and full weld for better checking, unlimited sealing length.
  • Display: 1 line LCD (TS 46 / 46N), colour touch screen (TS 46T).
  • Temperature range: 20-230C° with a 2% regulation tolerance on the TS 46 / 46N, 1% on the TS 46T.
  • Multifunction intuitive menu (graphics, counters, informative messages, multilingual, alphanumeric keyboard…) on TS 46T.
  • Adjustable pouches guide (0-30 mm from edge).
  • Integrated digital maintenance notebook (TS 46T / TL).
  • Sealings counter with reset.
  • 5 pre-set temperatures (TS 46T).
  • Seals all kinds of pouches (steam, Tyvek®, OE, alu, Ultra®,…).
  • Starts automatically when the set temperature is reached.
  • Environmentally responsible: automatic start and stop by photocell.
  • Safety: critical parameters control complying to ISO 11607-2 standard (temperature & pressure) on TS 46N / T.
  • Automatic stop if critical parameters exceed limits (TS 46N / T)
  • Calibration certificate (COFRAC att.) on the TS 46T range.

  • Stainless steel front support tray (700 x 300 x 60 mm).
  • Roll conveyor support tray (800 x 300 x 60 mm).
  • Automatic self-test for critical parameters ISO 11067-2 with control receipt editing (AUTO-TEST).
  • Sealings logs backup for ISO 11607-2 (USB)